TOEFL ITP Tests (Scholarship Experience)

Assalamu’alaikum, readers!

Alhamdulillah, I have passed TPA (Academic Potential Tests) scores which the test had held two months ago. On November 11th, Bappenas called the scholarship applicants who had passed the TPA test, taking the Toefl ITP tests. There are more than 400 applicants from other cities and regions all ober Indonesia took this tests. And about 50 percents applicants had eliminated by TPA scores by the way.

Toefl ITP tests are paper-based and use academic content to evaluate skills in English for admission to a college or university. I don’t know its difference with another type of Toefl tests, so you guys can learn about the others through google search engine.

Like general Toefl tests, Toefl ITP consists of three sections. They are listening comprehension, structure and written expression, and reading comprehension. Since we had have Toefl ITP Level 1 tests, we were given 115 minutes to answer 140 questions.

Before the announcement of Toefl ITP tests, I had learned and practiced from two books of Toefl preparation. I focused in improving grammar, because this is my worst session in Toefl tests. I usually don’t have any problem with listening session. Even though I need more energy when it’s time to read the boring longer passages and answer several questions based on them.

Before the tests, a representative of Bappenas, Mr. Hari if I’m not mistaken, had pleased the participants who want to change their selected study program to resend their application to Bappenas. And there were two participants did it. Because it was our last chance to make a change. Mr. Hari also clearly told us about scholarships procedures.

Applicants who pass the Toefl ITP scores will be called to the interview by Bappenas and representatives of university on around January for Masters overseas programs and linkage programs, and around May for Masters local programs. Once again, guys I ask for your kindness to take a time praying for my luck. Aamiin.

After the tests, Mr. Hari shared about the mechanism of scholarships selection and awardees placement. Actually, we, civil servant outside Java, have the bigger chance than others from Java. Bappenas has given more space for civil servant outside Java because local governments doesn’t have enough budget for Human Resources development. Proportion of awardees from Java and outside Java is planned 20 : 80 percents. But in fact, there is not enough number of participants could fill the 80 percents of space. Bappenas still has no idea about this.

About the placement procedure of awardees, well this is the important thing you should notice before applying Bappenas scholarships, Bappenas has the unique rules. When apply the scholarship, you need to submit online registration and feel free to choose three priorities programs which you interested in. But you ought to have a good strategy so that you could get the scholarships.

There are some universities and study programs that favorited by participants. The more participants choose the program, the more effort to attempt. Bappenas will rank up the awardees-to-be by scores and by capacity or quotas of the university. So if your score isn’t that high or others’ are higher than yours, you’ll be eliminated.

[God, I wish I am one of the lucky participants. Readers, please say Aamiin. Thank you.]

By the way, this is my very first English post and I’m doing kind of English challenge as am gonna face the interview (insyaallah). Please don’t hesitate to make some corrections.



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